-About the Artist - 

"As an Artist, I find that I am always inspired by the people around me. I can look at pieces I have created and know exactly why I wanted to make that piece and who inspired me to do it.

I grew up in California, influenced by my grandparents. They had an avid love for rock hunting. My grandparents would travel to Arizona to dig and collect large rocks. They would then bring these rocks home, cut them open, and show us kids the beautiful stones within. My grandmother would create wonderful jewelry from their finds. This really stuck with me. I have worked to find a way to recreate that beauty with clay. I call my pieces Clay Stones and following in my grandmothers steps, I create beautiful jewelry with them.  

When I moved back home to the beautiful Finger Lakes, Upstate NY.  I found creating larger decor type pieces for the home interesting. Wall hangings, clocks, and sculptures influenced by my California & New York roots became important.  As  a mother, I found my children an incredible source of inspiration, but it took my creations into a whole new style. I began sculpting amusing characters and creatures that appeal to children. I always knew that the piece was good when it would bring a big smile to their face. 
Now I use all of these inspirations to design, whatever comes to me that day.  I am blessed to be able to do what I love to do, PLAY CLAY!"   - Macy Hall 


Polymer Clay is a pliable, bendable polymer compound that is versatile enough to sculpt, care, texture, paint, stamp, layer and mold. Available in liquid and raw form, polymer clay is a medium that can be transformed into endless creations. 

Each piece is individually handcrafted by Artist, Macy Hall. As an Artist, Macy give special attention to the detail and concept of each creation. She has developed a special technique to capture crystals an liquify foils, metals and inks in polymer clay. Creating what she calls a "Clay Stone". Using an original technique, she creates a "Matrix" effect, giving her stones a metallic, crystallized appearance. All Clay Stones are sanded by hand, and polished to a lustrous finish. Each stone is a one of a kind piece.